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Article no. 6�
The Sphinx

Whenever you want to help, whether a person, animal or whatever, do so without asking for a reward! And help especially when it’s something you find disagreeable or don’t like. If you can’t do the latter, then you’re not really helping!

“Ma “

Article no. 5 (part 2)
The Sphinx

Karma and Reincarnation�
Millions of people believe in reincarnation and karma, or, in one of the two, and those with a Christian background do not know anything about them!?!

Is it because people are purposely being kept unaware, for the sake of power and materialistic gain?

Isn’t it high time to recover this “key “ to this science?!!!

The medical world often finds that including the human psyche in the healing process plays an important part in its success. The mental ( spiritual ) state, or, as some prefer, psychological state, is often crucial. Original medical practices, for example: so-called magic or medicine men, always included local surroundings in their treatment.( this still happens, and is on the up ) Isn’t it nature herself who provides us with medications, plants? And isn’t scientific research often faced by its own self- imposed boundaries? Why then not break down these boundaries? It is the fear present in human beings - ‘Unknown, unloved ‘- which holds them back.�

How did this fear come about? By the of abuse of power and indoctrination, often through religious rules imposed by men. It was notably Christian dignitaries who imposed taboos, causing confusion and doubt, making it easier to manipulate people. Such are the methods used by oppressors. �Each doctor, professor, physician ect the more experienced they become the more, on occasion, they will experience surprising and unexplainable incidents?! Incidents, which they, in spite of their comprehensive knowledge and well informed mind ( intelligence ), can only classify as unexpected! ��

Those of us who endeavour to bring the sciences of Reincarnation and Karma back to the western world, so that science once more becomes a balanced and harmonious whole, enabling the moving of boundaries, have also taken the Hippocratic Oath. ( Hippocrates born c. 400 BCE ;an oath where we pledge to use our knowledge to serve all fellow men and to protect the weak )�

Isn’t it then clear, we all share the same goal? And although the education level followed is unimportant, the degree of personal development attained is. However, we should assume, that for whatever reason, an illiterate person who, being unable to do anything about the problem, can possess a highly developed mental capacity ( intelligence )! And how do the academics explain that? We may admit it, but aren’t the facts apparent? Is it not better ( and what is ‘better’) that, finally, we accept each others “awareness”? Is that too great a task, insurmountable?!! Surely not! � � � �

Then there is: “Love thy neighbour as Thyself!” Where there is mutual respect a good dialogue is possible?! Something where all parties can benefit.


Article no. 5 (part 1)
The Sphinx

Karma and Reincarnation
Late 1950’s, coming from “the East “, Ma arrived in the Netherlands by boat (partly organized by herself). Having come from an extremely difficult, bloody, war- torn period, incarcerated in the ‘Jap-camp’ and the post war revolution period (the Bersiap-period), the reception in the Netherlands was rather dismal and with much resentment.�

Ma was soon teaching people about Karma and Reincarnation, two terms which at that time were, to a great extent, most unfamiliar. Now, while the terms are used infrequent, in the past were almost entirely unknown. Only certain circles had an understanding of their meaning. Even now, both notions are perceived with predominately negative connotations.

However, the advancing influences of these two conceptions are at work and hopefully this article from Ma dated August/September 1988 will give them further clarification and understanding.�

Every person is searching for his/her own identity, own ‘I’

Who am I?

Who is that other?

Why do I do the things that I do?

What are the others doing and why am I concerned about certain people and not about others?

What and which type of relation do I have regarding myself and with others?

Perhaps there is more knowledge in me than only that in my normal consciousness;�There lie more secrets about other identities in my consciousness and I only need to search to reveal them.

What is the origin of that knowing, that feeling that we call intuition?�
What happens when I die, and when I’m dead what happens afterwards?
If then comes the realization of a life before the birth people become interested and investigate further.

Whenever you search though an encyclopaedia, you will find that the information on REINCARNATION reaches as far back as history itself. It comprises the belief in the relation between harmony of all of life and the gradual cleansing of the Soul and Spirit until it returns to the original fountain of all life, that which is God. (Jahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Bhrama, Jah etc.)

It is the belief that the Soul is immortal and from time to time embodies itself (similarly in the material body) until having developed itself to a state of complete Purity and Harmony.
Also, it is said that the accompanying ongoing causes of Karma (e.g. Law of Cause and Consequence) and the dealing with internal burdens of the inner- being and reincarnation, offer the physical self the opportunity to fulfil the Laws of Karma.

Two of the most ancient beliefs in history of mankind encompass the knowledge of Karma and Reincarnation. This differs from the understanding of people from the west whose perception of reincarnation and karma are associated with the so called field of spirituality, where, through their lack of insight of spirituality they involve matters of the occult and entities without a physical body: such as spirits, ghosts and ‘creepy things’ in the night. In reality they fail to engage the concepts with religion.

However, when you consider the different religions (faiths) you see the various area’s which correspond and are in agreement with almost all faiths. The one believes in the existence of the Soul, the other in the Revelations of supernatural matters.
Then, besides the already mentioned facts (points) is the frequent question of the survival of the Soul.
From the Egyptians to the Greeks, from the Buddhist’s to the Hindu’s, was the Soul a pre-existence entity which positioned in various earthly bodies, incarnated during a determined period of time, taking residence in an astral body yet reincarnating repeatedly.�

Article no. 4
The Sphinx

A jar of Karma
During a lesson an explanation of Karma was given. A glass jar filled with holy water was held up and accompanied by the following:�

This is a jar of Karma, my Karma.

I must eat out of this jar until it is empty. This jar contains everything, the things I don’t like as well those I do like. I could start with what I like and put off the unpleasant things. Or, I could first start working through the unpleasant part enabling me to give attention to the more agreeable part.�

Either way, everything must be finished; the whole of Karma must be worked though; this entire jar relates to material existence on Earth

The jar contains too much to be eaten at one time, and you can only eat when you are hungry. It is not possible to work through Karma in one lifetime; therefore many lifetimes are needed and you grow with each piece of Karma, little by little, that has been handled.

Some are able to eat more quickly than others, and therefore finish their Karma earlier. You could eat more slowly and postpone things as much as possible, but realize then that food which is left for too long goes off, making it extremely difficult to fulfill dealing with Karma. And what you eat too quickly could give you indigestion.

You could even refuse completely to address the issue whereby the person runs the risk of falling into a state of autism and/or coming to a stillstand in his or her development.

You are therefore, in principle, able to choose whether it takes a long time or a short time. �However, you have to be aware of and prepared to accept the responsibilities of universal life.

Ignorance, laziness, desires and fears ( i.e. ego or animal soul ) are bad advisers on the road to Karmic evolution. � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � ��

Having completely emptied the jar of Karma, don’t expect to have reached the final All, Nirwana. This jar of Karma is found in a much more larger surrounding. This jar contained only the Karma of the material existence on Earth. There is much more. Evolution simply continues but in different forms with different rules and regulations.


Article no. 3
The Sphinx

The name of the school, The Sphinx, is a symbol.�
A symbol that, for many, is associated with the numerous theoretical speculations appertaining to Old Egypt and the mysterious ruins of her lost civilization.�

A civilization which enjoyed a highly developed sense of esotheric knowledge. Misuse of this knowledge by certain high priests caused, slowly but surely, its decline.�

Today, what remains is looked upon as a monumental tomb, made by ignorant, but industrious primitives. This opinion only reflects a warped spirit influenced by lack of foresight and arrogance.�

Gradually, the realisation comes that this majestic relic from the ancient past conceals much more. The school bears the name of the “Sphinx” for a reason. This article is therefore intended to clarify the symbol known as the Sphinx. This clarification can best served by an excerpt taken from the book “The Origin of the Universe” by Jozef Rulof, where he describes how, in a vision, he is given an explanation from Master Alcar, one of the Masters from the Light of Love.

�“What manner of statue is this, Alcar?”

That is the Sphinx. Whoever is able to feel and sense it, will also be able to feel and understand the Pyramid.�

She questions, she calls, she compels us to self- awareness (Esos – ed.) and to descend within ourselves.

First men are allowed to enter.

She says: “men, know yourself, become as I, listen to what I have to say.”

But they listen not!

This statue has a deeper meaning, one relating to the Bible.

Behold its facets and feel that which it has to say.

Many voice their opinions, but there are few that understand.

It is for man, but man just walks past and steps inside. (the Pyramid – ed.)

The Sphinx calls us to a halt and says: “until here and no further, and bow your head.”

You, children of God, take heed all those who will enter here.

The Sphinx is also known as ‘the Gatekeeper of Secrecy’, he who guards the secrets of the Pyramid and the knowledge contained within its symbol

The Sphinx, according to ancient mythology, allows passage only to those who can solve its puzzle.

Article no. 2
The Sphinx

By Ma Prem Shakti Prema Gopi Krishna.

Mediation- Mindfullnes
Fleeting and as feather light slithers, my thoughts and reflections float and hover over marriage, children Yin and Yang, being “man and wife”. The Earth and nature: The Nature…Mankind and his/her nature. animal-nature, plant-nature, universe-nature; character: nature…….character, inner-core. How far we have strayed, losing touch with MOTHER NATURE, from HER! We refer to and speak of things as being masculine, we think of things as being masculine, and similarly, even while we pray. Even now, in society over the whole world there is more mention of him than her! Why? Why should a son be heir and be almost always first and foremost over a daughter?!�

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It is a SHE ( soft as silk ) who GIVES BIRTH and FEEDS!

SHE who endures us when ,without regards or concern, we abuse her and trouble her soul.�

SHE who sooths all our hurts until healed.

SHE who, time and again, forgives our ungratefulness and still continues to nurture us.

SHE who raises us up when happy or sad and when we are harsh and reckless .…and wound Her,

SHE COMPLAINS NOT! SHE who smiles only with LOVE and patience, a real Mother, granting our wishes and surrounding us with Her glowing colour, Her aromas, Her vibrations and quiet contentment, that continues to liberate us from guilt, through Her Love and patience which SHE GIVES, unconditionally.

Her name is MOTHER, Ur-Antia,


Article no. 1
The Sphinx

What is the meaning of Esotheric?
The Greek word Eso or Eiso means ‘ to turn within’. Esothericism is therefore a method of teaching whereby men can explore the deepest depth of their inner core, and learn . This method of examination differs from the common mainstream ‘sciences’.

The field of Esothericism lies within oneself: Ego(s), Spirit, Soul, the Divine spark or the relationship with All That Is, is present and active within us all.

Appreciation of the processes taking place can only be achieved by an awareness of the processes.
Experimental and statistical examinations are of no avail. Proof and experience is unique to the individual.

Not surprising when you consider esothericism comprises of much more than earthly experiences. Reaching to far and beyond. The boundaries of earthly limitations no longer exist when we open our awareness to the possibilities.

To enable oneself to evolve and become spiritually aware it is necessary to purge and release oneself of all materialistic desirers. Excluding all to focus on spiritual development.

Every longing or desire binds us to the material. In this way we create material thoughts and feelings. Although ‘science ‘is born out of fascination, it is still serving material thoughts and idea’s reflecting the world around us.�
Admittedly, advancements are being made in the field of science whereby the new philosophies of present day ‘sciences ‘are becoming more evident.

Only those who are prepared to fully commit themselves to the struggle for self- improvement shall prevail.

This is the treasure that men ‘in the Heavens gather, as Christ Himself has said’, according to the Sufi’s. Willpower plays an important role in the formation of character. This willpower is weakened should one succumb to the slightest urge or whim. When one struggles to find resistance, a battle within takes place helping willpower to develop.

De Sphinx is an institute where lessons can be followed and is categorically not a “sect-like” body with fanatical followers of a particular faith. Adoration of someone or something is not beneficial, to neither the admirer nor to the subject being admired. Admire only the good within yourself - and there de Sphinx can offer you a helping hand.

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