Pencak Silat

Satria Arts�is a martial arts school in London where is taught in ancient and authentic Pencak Silat, traditional Indonesian dance and yoga. The school was co-founded by former students of Sat Guru Ma Prem and is now led by Stevin Benitez and his wife Laarni Benitez. Steve and Laarni are closely linked to the Pyramid Foundation and E.E.G. the Sphinx.

The roots of Satria Arts lie in the Vedic culture. It is the art of the Satria, a collection of authentic South East Asian "Warrior Arts. Satria Arts was inspired by the teachings of Sat Guru Ma Prem (1936-2012) and the passion, dedication and research of Steven Benitez. Their teacher-student relationship created the Satria Satria Fighting Arts and Yoga syllabus. It took 10 years to lay the foundation for Satria Fighting Arts, and another 2 to 3 years for the Satria Yoga.

In 2003 Steven Benitez opened the EastWest Studios. An Academy Satria Arts, dance, yoga and fitness. It was known as the "House of Satria Fighting Arts' and people came from different parts of the world to develop here.

Once a year Steven takes a number of teachers, trained by him, along to Oud-Beijerland, where they, under the guidance of the Sphinx, extend their knowledge of the ancient esotheric laws.�In 2014 we made a report of this visit.


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