Foundation De Pyramide

Foundation De Pyramide is the executive body of the Essene Esoteric Society�De Sphinx.

De Pyramide aims to - received via Maharishi Ma Prem Shakti Prema Gopi Krishna - secure esoteric knowledge. The public esoteric knowledge is shared with everyone who wants to develop himself inwardly, wants to know and is open to receive new knowledge. Esotherie can actively direct your life.

Since 2013 the Foundation De Pyramide gives lectures and lessons on Esotherie. De �Pyramide is led by Chris Schardijn, the eldest son of Maharishi�Ma Prem.�

Esothericism focuses on the realisation of inner developement: inner values and standards which are then manifested in the form of taking responsibility, love for all things and decisiveness . A true follower of esothericism is typified by complete conviction in their chosen goal; self evolution.This is not an easy path. It requires �commitment and determination.

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De Pyramide is the executive body of the Foundation Esseens Esoteric Society�'De Sphinx'.