Course: Introduction to Esothericism

The Course: Introduction to Esothericism is a cycle of seven themes. Each theme contains lessons which are spread out over a number of evenings and are suited to everyone’s personal needs and are applicable to present day situations. During the lessons you are able to become aquainted with an introduction of the ancient Esothericism of the Esseens and the deep held thinking of Maharishi Ma Prem. After Introduction to Esothericism you may decide to enrol for the following cycle of seven themes. Interested? Send us a mail.

1. The Esseens

With the theme Esseens emphasis wil be given to the history of the Esseens, the basis of their teachings and the relation of Jesus to the Esseens.�

2. Esothericism

The theme esothericism deals with the definition of both esothericism and evolution.The subsequent universal effect coupled to the struggle of each individual for safety and shelter.In particular, attention is given to the negative characteristics of humanbeings and the inevitable strife caused.�

3. Eiso

The theme eiso deals with becoming consciously aware of the consequences of our daily actions. In particular�looking more precisely at the questions what are we actually doing on earth and what is our purpose here. This�conscious awareness is obtained by looking inside yourself and observing yourself. Also the relation between�eiso and esothericism is further explored.�

4. Development

This theme looks at the result of the materialistic world on the individuals existence. The universal laws of the�esotheric path are further explained. From uit the paradox of to know and to understand, attention is drawn to�the carrying of, as to the taking of, the responsiblity of your developement.

5. Discipline

Since discpline is not enforced by law this theme looks in particular at the taking controle over your thoughts�and actions. The necessity of experience and learning and their link with meditation. This leads to insight how�to deal with your principles as against to being too flexible in life, where acting from a moral sense is the�guidline.

6. The Self

Bij looking within and observing yourself you are able to confront yourself. Bij facing reality you can make a deliberate choice to connect with life and nature and step closer to the Self. Taking/ carrying responsibility is onavoidable.

7. Spiritual World

From the realisation that the Spiritual World is a useful source makes it possible for you therefore to connect. This connection is useful in the developement of and adjusting borders.The level of this compassion leads to access to the awareness of God.

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